Origins of a TV enthusiast

When I was young I was an avid reader.  I continue to enjoy reading, but in my pre-teen years something else entered my life and I would never be the same.  Starting with the Canadian police dramedy Due South, I entered the world of television that existed beyond Saturday morning cartoons.

In elementary school I fell in with a new group of friends, who spoke their own language of seemingly nonsensical quotations, from a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hoping to fit in, I told my parents that I wanted to watch the show.  “Choices”, a late third season episode, was my first taste of Buffy; I was immediately hooked.  Despite our 100 hours a month dial-up Internet, I researched the show and learned about Angel’s gypsy curse.  Over the summer I caught up on third season episodes and come fall I was a fan.

The relative success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired a number of similar supernaturally themed dramas for the WB, including Roswell, Charmed, and Smallville. I watched them all, for awhile,  and after Buffy aired its last episode in May 2003 (its sequel Angel was cancelled the following year) I searched for a replacement.  I remain a devoted fan of Joss Whedon’s creations, particularly Buffy, but I developed a similar level of affection for Bryan Fuller’s brilliant Dead Like Me and Rob Thomas’ teen noir Veronica Mars. More recently, I have grown attached to the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother and cancelled legal dramedy Eli Stone.

I suppose you could say that Buffy was my gateway show.  Through Buffy, I branched out to become the TV enthusiast I am today.  Certainly I spend a great amount of time watching, discussing, or thinking about television when I could be doing other activities, but the truth is that I enjoy the escape television provides, even the less than brilliant or confusing hours of television that Lost and Heroes sometimes offer.

What more can I say?  I am the girl with the remote, I am a TV enthusiast.

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