Fall Television Schedule

For the true TV enthusiast, the unveiling of fall schedules is a highly anticipated event. It’s at this time of year that we may begin to schedule our all-important television nights. What do we watch and what must we DVR? Which new dramas and comedies will we decide to try, and which will go by the wayside? Which night will become our very own “must see TV” night, during which we yell to our less involved family members or significant other “I’m not home” if the phone dares to ring? These are some of the questions resolved when the big five reveal their schedules.

Some may choose to keep track of their shows by way of a TV Guide or list, but I have to admit that there are times when a table is helpful. This is one of these times. Recently a reader asked Michael Ausiello, one of the gods in the TV enthusiast’s pantheon, if he would create a matrix of shows and when they air each night, after the fall schedules were announced. Understandably he refused, emphasizing his more important duties of gathering scoop for us Spoilerholics, but I’ve taken on the task in his stead.

I’ve created tables showing the fall schedules of the big five networks, making it easy to compare when your favourite shows are airing. I’ve also underlined the names of any new shows, not including So You Think You Can Dance (which is airing for the first time in the fall season), or Medium (which is new to CBS, but is not a new show). Despite the fact that it is probably more of the same, I have chosen to underline The Jay Leno Show.

Please keep in mind that this schedule is likely to change, particularly once the fall broadcast season begins and the inevitable early cancellations take place. In the meantime, fellow TV enthusiasts, enjoy your reality and rerun summer (unless you have cable, of course), and happy scheduling. I’ll be back soon with your current midseason schedule and my thoughts on this year’s television pilot crop.


* As of October 27th SYTYCD will run 8:00-10:00 on Tuesdays.


* ABC will also air Saturday Night Football from 8:00-11:30pm.


* CBS will also air Crimetime Saturday at 8:00 and 9:00pm and 48 Hours Mystery at 10:00pm.


* 30 Rock will replace Community at 9:30-10:00pm when it returns in October.  Community will move to SNL: Thursday’s 8:00-8:30 slot.

The CW

2 Responses to Fall Television Schedule

  1. sytycd says:

    Thanks for posting this list. Always nice to find it in one place. It’s going to be a busy Fall for me on TV. I guess that’s a good thing;-)

  2. Chelsea says:

    No problem, I enjoy having it in one place as well and I think it’s easier to see it in table form than to try and reconcile a number of lists. It certainly will be a busy fall although there aren’t very many new shows that I’m interested in so far.

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