If you’re a TV enthusiast, chances are you’re already aware of the popular website Television Without Pity, which provides humourous episode recaps of popular shows.   The site became such an important part of pop culture that in 2007 a book was published, Television Without Pity – 752 Things We Love To Hate (and Hate to Love) About TV. Yet since their take over by Bravo, TWoP’s founding recappers, Glark, Sars, and Wing Chun, have all left the site and Television Without Pity has faced criticism for becoming a more mainstream site with excessive advertising and heavily moderated forums.

Personally, I find many of the recent recaps to be long-winded and lacking the humourous snark of past write-ups.  Yet one big reason to visit Television Without Pity remains, The annual Tubey Awards.  TWoP collects nominations in categories ranging from the more familiar ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Drama’, to the more interesting, ‘Best On-Screen Death Scene’ and ‘Most Ludicrous Plotline’.  Nominations are chosen by the viewers in the TWOP forums and a series of votes narrows down the nominees over the following weeks.  The top 10 vote-getters in each category will progress to the final round of Tubey polls, continuing into August, before the winners are announced.

With the often disappointing Emmys continuing to nominate and award the same crop of shows each year, the Tubeys are a wonderful chance to see the shows you actually watch and care about get the recognition they deserve.  The only thing better than voting for the shows and actors you enjoy watching, is crucifying those you don’t.  With categories including ‘Worst Season Finale’, ‘New Series With The Most Wasted Potential’, and ‘Character Most In Need of Getting Killed Off’, the Tubeys provide a place to vent about this year’s television disasters, from bad acting, to unjust cancellations, and terrible casting decisions.

Unfortunately, this TV enthusiast wasn’t on the ball this year and missed her chance to nominate some of the moments and shows she felt were deserving.  Luckily I arrived just in time to begin voting in this year’s semifinals.  As of yesterday, the second round of polling was opened, allowing you to vote for the ‘Best Badass’, and the ‘Best American Accent by a Non-American Actor’.  Whoever you choose to vote for, choose wisely.  You only get one vote in each category and your fellow TV enthusiasts are counting on you.

Happy voting!

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