Cast your vote for the greatest TV characters

Between the reruns and reality of summer television, and the buzz over possible Emmy nominees, creating lists and polls have been popular ways to pass the time for my fellow TV enthusiasts. I’ve already covered the most cathartic of these online awards, Television Without Pity’s Tubeys, which give fans the chance to have their say about the “best, worst and just plain insane from the 2008-09 TV season”, but if you’re still itching to exercise those voting fingers is giving you the opportunity to decide who are the best TV characters of the past decade.

The poll has only a few rules regarding eligibility, which are as follows; A show may have premiered in the eighties or nineties but the majority of its run had to occur after January 2000, and any nominated characters must have been on the show semi-regularly during the last ten years. If you disagree with the choices offered or believe a character was unfairly overlooked you can comment after the poll.

Like the Tubeys, Zap2it is dividing its choices into categories, which will change each week.  Until Monday, TV enthusiasts have the chance to vote for the best TV character in the following categories; mom, dad, brother, sister, son/daughter, couple, boss, co-worker, underling, and reality personality.  Is Veronica Mars‘ Keith the best TV dad?  Is Simon Cowell the best reality personality?  The decision, unlike the Emmy nominations,  is yours.

Cast your vote here.

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