The Darlings Return


Although I watched and enjoyed all three of ABC’s Wednesday night dramas, I  have to admit that Dirty Sexy Money was never my favourite of the bunch. It  started off well, with a stellar cast including Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) and  Donald Sutherland (Commander in Chief), and the primetime soap continued to   offer sex and scandal, I just preferred the whimsical comedy Pushing Daisies and touching drama Eli Stone. When all three shows were cancelled in November  I was disappointed, but not surprised.

So the news that ABC would be using the summer to burn-off unaired episodes of the three series was a pleasant surprise. June saw Pushing Daisies wrap-up in  a quickly tacked on, but no less heartwarming, way as Chuck reunited with her aunts and Penny found her father, Emerson Cod.  Unresolved plots, including the appearance of Ned’s father, will presumably unfold over the brightly- coloured pages of a comic book in the near future, but that’s a post for another day.

A week ago Eli Stone aired its series finale and came full circle as the title lawyer had a conversation with his father/God set at the same mountain where he scattered his father’s ashes in the pilot, and Taylor became engaged once more to a lawyer at her father’s firm, this time Matt Dowd.  Dirty Sexy Money is the last of the dramas to wrap-up.  The first of its four remaining episodes will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST, with the series finale scheduled to air on August 8th.

It can be difficult enough to remember what last happened on your favourite show over the summer, let alone over such an extended hiatus.  I’ll admit that I needed a few recaps to remember what the Darlings were up to when we last saw them in December.  Adding to the confusion is the fact that ABC has decided to air the Thanksgiving episode “The Facts”, which was preempted on November 26th by the Barbara Walters interview with Barack Obama, instead of continuing where the series left off in December.

This is the episode that uses unaired footage of Samaire Armstrong, who played Juliet Darling, to explain her absence in the second season.  Why air this episode now?  Well apparently “The Facts” is more of a clip show, helpful to catch up audiences who haven’t seen the series in seven months, and contains other unused film from season one.  The plot features a relentless reporter played by Rena Sofer (Heroes) and the Darling family Chauffeur as he recalls his version of Darling events.  Meanwhile, Leticia, who is under house arrest, decides to hold a major fashion show at the Darling mansion.  Perennial guest star Gina Torres, who you may have seen on Pushing Daisies as Emerson’s “baby mana” or as an attorney on Eli Stone, appears as well.

With Dirty Sexy Money resuming normal continuity next Saturday with episode eleven, “The Convertible”, here’s a recap of what happened when we last saw the series in December.  The Darlings were dealing with the aftermath of Patrick’s inauguration as Senator, which turned tragic when his beloved Carmelita was shot and killed.  Nick and Lisa continued to argue over custody of their daughter Kiki but when Nick left Kiki in Karen Darling’s care for an hour, Lisa decided to sue for full custody.  Brian Darling rejoined the church and was trying to make his marriage to Andrea work, while Jeremy had come up with a plan to get Simon Elder off his tail and reunite with Nola Lyons, who was being blackmailed by Simon Elder, by faking amnesia.

Although the series’ creators didn’t have the chance to alter the thirteenth episode, as Pushing Daisies did, after being cancelled, creator Craig Wright does state that the final episodes will reveal “who killed Nick’s dad, and the Nick/Karen/Lisa love triangle will come to a conclusion.”  Also unlike Daisies, no comics continuation is in the works.  So what would have happened if the series had continued?  Wright disclosed that youngest daughter Juliet would have been involved in a “Patty-Hearst-like” situation.  Ultimately, Wright envisioned a happy ending for Juliet though, where “she ends up married to a soccer coach at a small girls’ boarding school in western Connecticut, where she teaches drama and raises a family of five sons.  The fact that a happy ending for her will never air may be my greatest regret about the show being canceled. I wanted her to find happiness.”

Dirty Sexy Money: Season 2 will be released on DVD on August 18th.

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